In addition to our own core proxyNM and proxyVP technology our solutions rely upon partner technology from companies such as:

  • Empirix – deep-dive voice and signalling test platforms
  • Appneta – deep-dive active and lightweight-passive technologies
  • Globalscale – robust and powerful plug computers
  • Splunk – big-data/machine-data management
  • Survey Monkey – end-user (human) feedback
  • AWS – global high availability platforms


New Partner On-Boarding

Approaches from new partners are always welcome and we are always open to discussions with innovative technology and solution providers.

Typically we like to meet suppliers, often at one of the many global trade shows, seminars and conferences that we attend.

We then go through a rigourous trial, discovery and verification process to benchmark the technology against a variety of environments here at TelcoSI.

Naturally we also perform some due diligence on the potential partner company to ensure that they will remain viable for the full duration of our customers’ use of their technologies. We are of course open to similar review.