Remote Workers

Teleworking is a growing feature of corporate life.

It may be a permanent arrangement when the staff member always works remotely or it may be more ad-hoc where they work from an office some of the time and remotely at others.

A 2017 Gallup survey of more than 15,000 working adults found that 43% worked remotely at least some of the time.

The concept is also described as remote working, ROHO working (remote office- home office) and SOHO working (small office – home office).

Sometime it will involve staff being based at ‘hubs’, ‘virtual’ or ‘serviced’ offices. Of course, the age-old road warrior also falls into this category be that a CxO or a sales rep – both spend significant time on the road working out of airport lounges, business centres and hotel rooms.

It is also true that the same issues faced by teleworkers are also faced by staff based in remote corporHappy Remote-worker teleworkerate offices where there is limited, or often no tech-support capability.

Typically the main drivers to ‘allow’ teleworking include:

  • Attracting new staff
  • Retention of existing staff
  • Widening the pool of skilled employees
  • Achieving gender-balance targets
  • Lowering costs
  • Improving productivity
  • Improving employee satisfaction

While there are doubtless benefits for the business and the individual of remote working, there are some challenges. Not least of these are the tech-challenges of ensuring your peoples’ tech-experiences are of a level keep frustration and low-productivity from creeping in.

We work with businesses that want to make their employee long-distance tech relationships thrive.

We have worked with businesses large and small, from FTSE, NASDAQ and ASX listed enterprises like Vodafone and Telstra through to national law firms, technology companies and franchise networks.

We offer a low cost, simple to deploy, non-intrusive, secure and confidential cloud-based uptime, performance and experience management solution. At last, you can show your staff how much you care, know about issues before they know and ensure their satisfaction and productivity – all from just a couple of bucks per location per month.

We can help you cut through the ‘gobbledygook’ and tech-speak surrounding this space. We can help you figure out your RUM from your APM, your wire data from your log ingestion and your passive vs active vs synthetic conundrum.

In fact, if these technobabble terms hold no interest to you, we can make the whole discussion moot and help you focus on what matters to your business and your people – your end-users’ tech-experiences.

We passionately believe that people deserve a better tech-experience. If it matters to you too, please reach out and start a conversation.

Please read on or contact us for a quote and more information

Download our simple checklist to see how you are doing against the list of checks we are most commonly asked to perform to drive up our customers’ end-user tech-experiences. How does your current capability compare with the industry leaders in this space?

Misfortune manager aggressive hardworking crying people concept. Sad upset furious angry beautiful depressed troubled worker touching head screaming looking at netbook sitting on divan at hotelWhen you download this checklist we will also send you a sequence of 4 or 5 emails expanding a little on the checklist items to help you determine your readiness. These include:

  • Remote-worker challenges
  • Remote-worker tech-experience focus
  • Key Platform measures
  • Key Network measures
  • Key Application measures
  • Tool and platform selection – getting past the sales hype