proxyNM Residential trial snapshotWe have setup a free trial of our proxyNM solution. You can signup using the form at the bottom of this page.

This trial is configured towards helping understand the performance of your home computer and residential broadband service.

The trial lasts 7 days and for each of the 7 days you will receive a simple PDF report showing you the performance of your home computer and broadband service for the trial period so far.

The trial includes ongoing tests of:

  • Network Upload
  • Network Download
  • Network Loss
  • Network Latency
  • DNS Performance
  • Computer CPU Usage
  • Computer Memory Usage
  • Computer Disk Throughput Speed
  • Computer Disk Space
  • Reachability (analogous with uptime)

This is a cutdown version of a solution we sell to ISP that wish to differentiate themselves based on customer service quality.

The underlying proxyNM technology underpins our other ISP and corporate offerings (aimed at remote offices and teleworkers) so trialing this will give a feel for the solution.

Of course, we are also offering this to try to help people with the frustrations of poorly performing home broadband.

To control infrastructure growth (and costs) cap the weekly subscribers to around 5000 concurrent signups. If you signup and the system is capped, you will be informed when you are at the top of the list and your measurements will start automatically.

We hope this helps our potential clients as well as those of you looking for help solving your home broadband issues.

You can learn more about the free proxyNM residential trial here but please come back to this page to signup.