Professional Services - Business

Service Provider - Service Definition & Business Process Streamlining

We lead the initiative to take a problem area of a service provider's business and set strategic and tactical goals, unravel the existing processes/service definitions, establish new processes/service definitions and then take staff, customers, services and systems into and through the new process and service definitions.

We then disengage leaving the streamlined process established as business as usual operations.

The drivers for these engagements are usually streamlining and alignment. Specifically to help the executive team to focus the business on delivering against strategy and to allow the functional teams to prioritize against a clear and committed executive strategy.

Typically this is not a technology engagement, more the application of telco expertise, management focus and an external viewpoint that can establish consensus free of history or personal agenda.

This offering will make perfect sense to a telco person and sound like utter nonsense to someone working in a 'normal' business :)

Experience Management Strategy

We provide input on enterprise or service-provider service-management strategy.

Focus is often on:
-o- End-user-experience Differentiation,
-o- Service-quality Improvement
-o- SLA Establishment & Management -o- OSS or Management Tool selection and integration.

We also lead teams through the process of establishing a strategy themselves in a series of workshop based sessions.

Logistics Management

Service providers needing ad-hoc pre-qualification & troubleshooting or ongoing monitoring capability deployed to their customers' sites will sometimes engage us to provide logistical support services - typically this involves us pre-configuring a small device, shipping it to a customer location and walking them through its connection to the network and then either connecting it to the existing service-provider systems or to our own hosted platforms.

Once the engagement is complete we arrange for the device's return and reconfiguration for the next deployment.

Professional Services - Technical

Chronic Problem Resolution

We bring our experience and expertise to bear on issues that may require an extremely structured troubleshooting approach.

We have had many years of technical and operational management experience and can quickly form and direct a team of specialists from TelcoSI and our customer to bring a cross-functional approach to ongoing issues.

Our focus centres around techniques such as split-half-search and reproducibility and brings to bear our full arsenal of management tools.

We are sensitive to internal and external agendas and politics but can delicately push on, as we ensure that we are never defending any particular position ourselves.


Some businesses or service providers engage us to perform assessments of readiness or benchmarking in support of projects and rollouts of new technologies.

This is often associated with the move of premises, deployment of IP telephony, video conferencing, UC, virtual services, new browser-based applications, storage or the migration to hosted and cloud based services.

The driver here is usually limited people resources, the desire to "hire" the required technology as a service rather than buy it outright or a time constraint that must be overcome.


A subset of the chronic-problem troubleshooting service above we are called upon to provide an independent view of the "at fault" party.

This often centres around the same split-half search and reproducibility techniques but invariably sees us provide follow up confirmation that the issue at hand has indeed been resolved.

With no axe to grind and no position to defend we can often take some of the agendas, emotions and politics out of the way and thus speed the path to resolution by all interested parties.