Our active agent based solution packed with plug-in tests. Simulate end-user experiences at will on a range of platforms including Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. Great for the full cycle of pre-qualification, benchmarking, monitoring, troubleshooting, demarcation and trend/reporting.


Our active/passive solution for deep dive analysis of network and application performance. Deployed on small plug computers or appliances this is a great solution for pre-qualification, benchmarking or ongoing monitoring. The deep dive available in Appview makes it a great add-on to the proxyNM solution to aid with further troubleshooting


Our active agent based self-service solution allowing end-users to see if they really are experiencing an issue and to help with demarcation. Using the same plug-in test suites and running on Windows and Mac OSX this is a great solution to drive up end-user satisfaction while at the same time driving down costs.

Empirix Hammer

The Rolls Royce of voice testing platforms. We have thousands of ports of the IP Hammer technology deployed in both service provider and enterprise customers. Great for benchmarking and monitoring voice infrastructure and voice applications alike.


Our chosen big-data/machine data platform and also the front end to our main hosted solutions. Splunk allows the rapid collection of disparate data and the analysis, display & rendering of findings. We also provide standalone deployment and setup of Splunk systems to our customers.

Global Scale

Our core plug computers - the Sheeva and DreamPlug models - onto their N'th generation and now stable, secure and affordable.

Survey Monkey

Our preferred survey platform. Fast and flexible with realtime access to incoming results plus the ability to share them with our big-data platform too.

Raspberry Pi

We have started trialling our first Raspberry Pi based functionality and are hopeful this low cost device will become part of our solution set moving forward. We are very excited about its application for the service provider user-experience market..........