International IPVPN/IPVPN

With a large and ongoing cost IPVPN by definition involve a number of remote locations and with time-zone challenges, often unmanned locations. Demarcation can also be a challenge.

Bottom Line: Make sure it is up before they get in.

Cloud Applications

A different regime - not the same level of access and control as you are used to. Demarcation is again a key issue. Who is responsible when it slows down - probably the party pointing the most fingers.

Bottom Line: Know it is working well and if not, know who needs to be fixing things.

Branch Offices

Often full of staff but not often full of IT staff, being able to monitor remotely and work out of Beryl in accounting is the only one struggling with her slow Xero access or if it is the whole office is a godsend.

Bottom Line: Help remote staff feel well supported without keeping them on the phone for hours.

Retail Operations

Do you need a new sales manager for that store or do they have a point that everything slows down just as customers walk in the door. Rank the stores' tech-performances and put that on the table at every sales review.

Bottom Line:
Make sure tech-experiences help make sales and are not a scapegoat for poor performers.

Service Provider CPE

We manage up to the CPE and the on-site LAN is down to our customer. It would be nice to be able to show your customer when it is not your problem and provide them with some metrics to prove it.

Bottom Line: Demarcation in its purest form.

Service Provider Demarcation

Both Service Provider and Customer benefit from clear demarcation. Faster resolution, better relationship and happier end-users. With multiple providers in the mix demarcation is becoming critical.

Bottom Line: Know which cog in the machine needs the attention

POS Environments

7am and the doors open - blue screens of death abound and spotty teenagers can be seen with metre long strings of keys opening self service POS terminals and cycling the power.

Bottom Line: Know before the store opens and message the manager to get there 10 mins earlier. Whether it is down, disconnected or just missing one key process.

IP Voice Pre-qualification

There is so much that must be right to make IP voice perform well. Check with an automated soak test over a week or more. Be sure that the equipment, service provider, local network, switching, routing, queuing & QOS are all in sync with the normal network traffic

Bottom Line: Make sure the voice will work by making sure the voice is working.

IP Voice Demarcation

When IP Voice stops working you need it back quickly. Know who is at fault and as importantly prove if the issue has really been fixed.

Bottom Line: Voice is still mission critical to most businesses. Know before they know, know who needs to fix it and know it has really been fixed.

Residential ISP

There is not enough margin in residential internet access to deploy expensive old enterprise grade management tools. Differentiate and gain more market share by knowing more than your competitors.

Bottom Line: Stand out from the crowd and attract more maketing share through the excellence of your customers' experiences.

Self Service Customer Care

For so many service providers and large enterprises this is the holy grail. We help by giving your customers a tool to show results to a suite of demarcation tests.

Bottom Line: They can tell if they are getting acceptible performance or if they should persist with opening a fault on your team.

Remote Location Support

Mines, self-service DVD and dry-cleaning kiosks, car parks and travelling sales people need love too! With our lightweight, automated agents installed it is like being at the keyboard but with none of the security worries or clunkiness of remote desktop access.

Bottom Line: Support remote and unattended locations like they are sitting right here.

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