They deserve better
Improve your business performance by focusing on your end-users' tech-experiences

Whether you are a service provider or an enterprise - a demonstrable focus on end-user tech experiences drives up revenues, reduces costs and improves margins

Learn how you can innovate and deploy this simple, low-cost and super-secure way to truly differentiate your business, demarcate your responsibilities, de-risk teleworking/remote-workers and even grow your qualified service provider leads

Service Providers
Residential ISP & SME/Key Accounts

Differentiate in a crowded market, improve stickiness, reduce churn, drive up customer satisfaction, rapidly demarcate your areas of responsibility and reduce your cost of customer support. [More]

Remote Workers:

Differentiate and prove yourselves as the ISP of choice for corporates and government departments seeking a recommended ISP for remote workers in a post-Covid19 new normal. [More]

Lead Generation:

Automate a constant pipeline of self-qualified leads for residential or SME network access services.  [More]

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Feel more confident and informed about your staff working from home or hiring contract-teleworkers. Know before they know: ensure they have the tech-performance they need to be productive and support them when they struggle. [More]

Remote Office Support

Offer secure and non-intrusive support to staff in remote offices that lack onsite tech-support resources. [More]

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At Home

To meet our goals of helping to improve the tech-experiences of as many people as possible, we are offering you a 24 hour snapshot of your home's tech-environment performance in the form of free trial.

You will get a detailed report of network and computer performance and you can forward this to your service provider or employer to seek their help to improve any performance weaknesses.

All completely free!

[Sign up for the free trial service here]

You can extend this trial to a week for a small one-off fee, or to an annual subscription. [More]

Concieved, designed and built on industry experience
Simple Install

Fast deployment of core and user components

Typical deployments use our shared or dedicated cloud for core components - this has a zero turn up time.

User installs can be automated or manual - manual installations take just 6 clicks and 5 seconds!

Windows, Mac and linux platform support. We can even deploy on a small RaspberryPi Appliance.

You or your users can uninstall at any time

Typically we will start with a templated set of tests - these are centrally administered.

No snooping, sniffing or spying of user information - ever.

Tests are synthetic - we only use our own traffic to perform tests.

We do not and will not build the capabity to:

  • Sniff network traffic
  • Look at user data
  • Capture user history
  • Capture user metadata

It is essential that users see this as a trust extension. They trust you with their network data, credit cards for payment and even download your account management apps. 

This is the next logical step and it is important we protect them at every stage.

Read our security blog
Super Secure

Low Cost

We strive to ensure cost is no barrier to deployment

Cloud based core components keep centralised costs low

User agents are licenced on a per user or per site basis and pricing for large bundles start as low as $1 per month

We have a simple automated quoting tool on this website - feel free to play with your scenarios to see what it may cost to deploy.

The returns include:

  • Better differentation
  • Quick demarcation of issues that are not your problem
  • Imroved user/customer satisfaction
  • Productivity improvements
  • Self-service cost-savings
  • Lead generation
Play with the quoting tool
Neat features added based on real world experience and deployements

We want to drive up the tech-experiences our industry can offer users. We are eternaly excited to keep adding features to aid in this goal:

  • At-home identification
  • Offline tests
  • Network gateway tests
  • RasberryPi Applicance 
  • Automated provisioning
  • Templated tests
  • Comprehensive library of network, platform and application tests
Find more details on these features and many more in our blog
Feature Rich

No Impact on Users

Consumes very little resources
  • No user windows to distract users
  • No popups
  • No notifications
  • No toolbar icons
  • Small agent download
  • Small disk space requirement
  • Tiny footprint in memory
  • Negligable consumption of CPU
  • Minimal use of network capacity
  • Remote uninstall
  • Remote upgrades
  • No firewall or NAT configuration
Service Provider and Enterprises

Service Providers:

  • Residential ISP Experiences
  • SME/Key account experiences
  • Remote worker ISP of choice
  • ISP Lead Generation


  • Teleworkers and Home Workers
  • Remote Office Support

Home users:

  • Free trial to help isolate chronic, intermittent or ongoing tech-issues
  • Week-long assessment
  • Annual watch service
Learn more here
Multiple Use Cases

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Our customers include Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, ANZ Bank, ASX and many others large and small.

We enjoy what we do. We strive to work with people and businesses that share our optimism for what technology can do to enrich experiences. 

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