Frequently Asked Questions

Short answers to common questions are grouped together below by subject area
How do we keep your end users and their data safe
How do the pricing models work
How do you order and  get onboarded
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End user reports
information about the reports sent to customers & staff
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Accessing the UI

Information about accessing the UI you might use to analyse results
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Interpreting Results
Information about the dashboards and visualisations
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Using the results to troubleshoot customer issues
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More information about some of our features
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Installing Agents
How do we pre-configure, distribute and install agents
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Security FAQs
Can the agent sniff traffic 
No, the agent cannot sniff traffic on the end user's computer or network. Tests synthesise traffic and transactions rather than looking at end user data. This is important to establish and maintain trust with the end users.
Can the agent see browsing history
No, the agent cannot look at browsing history. In fact the agent cannot look at any files on the end user's computer. This is important to establish and maintain trust with the end users.
Can the agent see if my staff are working
No, we don't look at what the end user is doing. We cannot see if they are using their computer, let alone what they are using for. This is important to establish and maintain end user trust.
Can the agent apply patches or change settings
No, the agent cannot change the end user's computer in any way. It cannot reconfigure settings, install software, open files, change files or apply patches or software upgrades. This is important to establish and maintain end user trust and also to ensure you are not 'blamed' for any changes in computer performance, stability or behaviour.
Can the agent reboot the user's computer
No, the agent has no control over the end user computer - not even to restart or reboot it. This is important to establish and maintain end user trust and also to ensure you are not 'blamed' for any strange behaviour of their computer.
Can the agent be hijacked from the internet
No, all communication from the server to the agent (and back) is signed and per the FAQ above, the agent is unable to sniff, snoop, control or reconfigure the end user computer so hijacking it would gain interlopers nothing meaningful. Communication is established from the agent to the servers and thus no 'holes' need be poked in firewalls towards the end user's envirnonment.
Pricing FAQs
What are your pricing goals
We want people's tech-experiences to improve - to do that we all need to understand those tech-experiences better. Accordingly we want to remove price barriers from this kind of service offering so we want to offer massive scalability and low pricing to encourage wide deployment and thus a much wider understanding of tech-experiences.
What is included in each service offering
The best way to work this out is to take a look at the enterprise or service provider (or 'At Home') menu items on this website and then scroll down to the service option table. In there you will see the service options for your industry/application and a summary of inclusions. The optional extras are listed beneath that table. You can always contact us to discuss further. 
Why can't I buy optional extras in my initial order
Our experience is that huge value can be gained by deploying the basic service offerings first. Once these are understood and delivering value it is easier to understand which of the optional extras may be useful. Allowing orders of these optional extras up front often resulted in unnecessary expenditure and in delaying the time to value from the basic service offerings while integration or customisation fo the often complex optional extras took place
Is there a free trial
There is effectively a free trial of the agent and report functionally by signing up for the free 24 hour snapshot. This will give you a feel for the service offering. There is no free trial of the UI based service offerings. There is a 30 day money back guarantee on all enterprise and service provider service options.
Can you invoice us rather than us pay by credit card
Yes, but only for the larger value service options. After an initial credit card based order, we can renew to that card automatically or, for larger service options you can renew by an invoice/payment cycle. 
How are agents counted into and out of the purchased agent pool

Installing an agent decreases your agent bundle count by one

You can increase your agent bundle count manually by uninstalling and purging an agent in the UI

Agents bundle counts are automatically incremented when no results are seen for an agent for a month

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