Service Providers

You are a service provider. You want to grow market share and you want to differentiate through innovative service offerings. A reduction in churn makes a material difference to your business bottom line. You seek cost-effective ways to make valuable customers more sticky.

You want to drive down costs and drive up margins through greater customer self reliance - greater customer self-service leads to happier customers and better margins. Customer Self-Service is recognised as a win-win in your business.

Your customers are growingly working from home. Becoming a recognised leader specialised ISP services for remote workers is a strategic goal for you.

We help you measure the performance of your customers' tech-experiences - we do it securely and with absolutely no snooping, sniffing or spying. We do it at an affordable cost and rollout is simple.

Your use case does not impact the basic pricing of the solution. You can mix and match use cases in the same deployment. The three most common use cases for our service provider customers are:


Customer Snapshot: We provide a preconfigured agent installer for your end-users' Windows and Apple computers. Once installed, these agents are commanded to run a set of tests periodically. The results of these tests are available to your via a cloud based dashboard. You can also configure the agent to collect a customer email address at install time to which you can send a PDF report of their tech-experiences. Typically these snapshots are run for 24 hours and form the basis of a performance assessment to see if there are performance issues, and if so, where they may lie. The issue may be with the customer's computer, local network, your SP network, the internet, their private cloud/VPN or with their SaaS apps. They are also run as a 'free' lead-magnet service to qualify potential customers into your sales funnel by proving that they are receiving sub-standard services from their current service provider and that life would be a lot better with you!


Chronic Issue Monitoring: We provide an agent installer much like in the snapshot above but in this case we let the tests run for longer and we use the UI to analyse the results over time. The results of these tests are available to you via your cloud based dashboard. This dashboard can be sliced, diced and filtered by location, end-user, time, test type, ISP and a wealth of other criteria. We can see if remedial works and reconfigurations are helping and we can narrow down and demarcate the true owner of the issue.


Ongoing Key Account Monitoring: In this application we typically install the agent for the lifetime of the account relationship. We may give the customer access to the test results through the UI or simply by publishing a summary dashboard. Typically this application is used to make a key or major account more sticky and to prove to them that their tech-experiences are important to you. It also allows you to rapidly demarcate issues and reduces the costs in proving issues are not yours to fix.

Typical Engagement: We provide an agent installer for your users' Windows or Apple computers and setup a series of tests. Commonly we will provide at least one agent installer for each use-case you intend on deploying. These agents and the associated tests are based on a questionnaire you complete after your order is processed. It gives us more details on the important measures to you and your business as well as some targets to which you would like to test in your environment or out on the internet. We have defaults for most of these so you can start testing immediately and then refine things as you go. More details of these test types can be found in the comparison table below and in the optional extras section at the bottom of this page. The results of these tests are available to you via your cloud based dashboard. This dashboard can be sliced, diced and filtered by location, end-user, time, test type, ISP and a wealth of other criteria. The same questionnaire is used to capture some other details to allow us to setup your dashboard access and, if required, to organise your installed agents administratively in the dashboards by location, service type, use-case or other criteria. Again, we have defaults to get you started quickly if you prefer.

Important: Security, Sniffing, Snooping and Stopping: It is important that you and your customers feel safe using our services:

  • We always stress that while testing we, and thus you, never look at any of your customers private information on their computers. We/you cant see their usage or browsing history.
  • We/you can't see when they are using their computer, when they are working or what they are doing.
  • We/you never sniff at their network traffic - we don't write software that can do this - all of our tests synthesise their own traffic.
  • We/you cannot control or reconfigure their computer. We certainly cannot install any new programs on their computer.

There are other solutions from other companies that do all of these things but we don't and won't write software that can do any of them and don't work with service providers that want us to do that. It's just not our market or our 'thing'.

At any time you can uninstall our agents and services - you don't need us to do that for you - you are in control. You can also allow your customers to have this level of control too.

We do not share your, or your customer, contact details with anyone outside of our company without your express permission.

Service Provider Options
Key Account, Remote Worker or Residential Customers

From a multi use-case regional deployment of 5000 to a larger national deployment supporting hundreds of thousands of customers, we have services to help you understand and improve your customers' tech-experiences, drive up your revenues and drive up your margins and even generate leads.
Up to 5000 Agents
Up to 10000 Agents
Up to 50000 Agents

UI Access


Computer Measures

CPU, Memory, Disk Capacity, Disk Speed [More]
Network Measures
Loss, Latency, DNS [More]
Application Go/No-Go
Video Conference,  Website Performance
Network Uptime
Measure of your customer's network connect-ability to key on-net and off-net internet locations [Here]
Network Thruput
Off-peak measure of your network throughput (speed) to the throughput of your customer's internet connection [More]
Offline Tests
Basic network tests will keep running while your customer's network is down to help narrow down the point of failure [More]
Offline Tests
Basic on-net beacon to ensure tests are only run when your customer is connected via your network [More]
Optional Extras: We strongly recommend that your initial deployment focus in the basic service. This service is easy to deploy and quick to get operational value from. When it is bedded in and and the resultant information is well understood we can explore the addition of optional extras including

Test and Visualisations

  • Time/Timezone Accuracy
  • HTTP
  • Voice MOS
  • POP/SMTP email
  • WebServices
  • Dropbox & AWS Storage
  • Process count and instance
  • TCP connect times and open ports

Features and Functionality

  • Custom Tests
  • Linux based agents
  • RPi based agents
  • Reference Agents
  • Additional GUI Logins
  • Troubleshooting on demand
  • Enhanced On-Net beacons
  • Upgrade agent numbers in blocks of 5000

Integrations & Informaton

  • PDF Reporting
  • Self Service Testing
  • Thresholds and Alerts
  • Custom Visualisations
  • Custom Dashboards
  • SNOW & JIRA Self Service
  • Self Demarcation Integrations
  • Sales and marketing (CRM) system integrations for lead tracking

Watch an overview
See what Digital-Experience Management is and where TelcoSI's proxyNM sits in that space?
This video lasts around 10 minutes and comprises a whiteboard overview of Digital-Experience Management and of TelcoSI's proxyNM

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